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Monday, May 7, 2012

Foreign Language This Summer

I made a goal of working toward learning a foreign language over the summer. Obviously, I won't be fluent by the end of the summer, but I plan on learning enough to get by. I was hoping to learn French since I have a few French books (and already know some French), but unfortunately, they're all packed away in the furthest reaches of the attic. I was able to find some fabulous foreign language learning resources, but they are for learning Italian.

I played around with the resources and found that I'm actually really cool with learning Italian. I might as well since I'm taking it in the fall... I guess I could learn a bit ahead of time! I already learned some. It's just basic phrases like "Gli uomini cucinano" and "Il bambino e l'uomo bevano dell'acqua." I'm having a lot of fun with it. I ordered a workbook to help me get better at sentence structure. I'm finding pronunciation much easier than French, but I am having a few issues with the letter "r", but it's much easier to pronounce than the French "r", so it should be so bad.