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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Alligators? Sweet!

I was away in Florida and couldn't post for the lack of interwebs. I flew out there on a quick red-eye so didn't have time beforehand to warn ya'. :P

So, without internet what is a girl to do? With rumors that the woods/swamp near could have an alligator, I made it my mission to find it. I went out there alone a few times, but walked the top of the wall around the swamp to be safe*. I found that from this point that I could see quite a bit of the swamp, but wasn't close enough to see anything. I'd heard what I was told were alligator grunts, which helped me out with what I previously thought could have been a sick snipe hunting joke.

I saw a lot of big turtles in the water, lots of lizards in the trees, but no alligator. I climbed over the wall, like an idiot and walked along the water to get a closer look (not too close, I stayed on the high ridge so that nothing that was in the water could get me.) With the water on my left and thick bush on the right, something rustled in the bushes and spooked me. I ran all the way back to the wall.

In the night, I was sitting on the porch and heard a loud plunk in the water. I ran and got a flashlight and made my way to the wall where I heard more "alligator sounds." I shone the light across the area nearest to the wall, nothing. In the bush... nothing. I slowly went over the water with the light and an eye glowed back at me. I got a better angle as I walked along the wall. It was her. She grunted a few times while I was out there. Of course, since it was evening, I stayed on the safe side of the wall.

The next say I ventured out to the water, but she was nowhere to be found. I did see a few turtles, though. Since the area is heavily lit during the day, I imagine she ventures further into the woods and comes to the water at night.

So that's what I did on my internet-less trip.

*unless I fell from the wall, then I'd be screwed.