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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Pancake Art

So, I came across a bunch of delicious looking pancake designs. These look really fun and tasty. I'm going to have to try some of these!

Some of these actually remind me of the smiley face and Mickey Mouse pancakes my mom would make us as kids.

Have you ever tried making any fun or creative pancake designs? Which of these are your favorite? I can't decide!

This one is so cute and looks fairly easy-to-make
Star Wars, anyone?
This looks like a great way to get children
to eat fruit in the morning!
Totoro? Now that's just dang creative!
A bit of food coloring and a ton of
artistic skill and you have an amazing
breakfast you'll never forget!
Have I mentioned that giraffes
 are my favorite animal?
So creative and so simple! Great for breakfast
on Thanksgiving day!
So cute! I almost wouldn't be able to bite into it!
These are perfect because they hold extra syrup! Yum!
This must have taken forever to make.
Pigs in a blanket! Too cute!!

Turtle pancake = awesome!
Okay, this is the coolest idea ever!!
Is it "pancakes for breakfast" or "breakfast for pancakes?"
So these pancakes are pretty awesome, right? Check out some of these weird cakes, for more cake fun!