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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Melbel's HubPages Milestones

As you may already know, I'm a writer on HubPages. There, I write under the name "Melbel." While I joined HubPages in 2009, I only really gained an interest in writing there sometime around January of 2011. As I wrote more, my writing skills really improved. Some hubs saw great success, some never saw the light of day.

This year, I've embarked on a journey in HubPages' Apprenticeship program. While, many of my hubs written before the program still receive MUCH more traffic than my newer ones (they're so new, it's really too early to tell how they'll do), I have a LOT of faith that they're do really well. In fact, some of the hubs I've written last month have already started to show a bit of promise.

Since this post is inspired by MissOlive's Milestone post, I want to follow a bit in her footsteps by sharing a few of my milestones.

Melbel's Milestones

Published Hubs to date: 169 (I deleted a few)
Number of Hubs in Draft: 27
Total Hub views to date: 1,110,498 views
Total Hubs with over 1k views: 70
Total Hubs with over 10k views: 20
Total Hubs with over 100k views: 2
Comments to date: 3244
Followers to date: 1380

My goals for 2012
To reach 1.5M views
To reach 80,000 views per month

Advice from Melbel

  • Keep working at it. You're not going to make ANYTHING at first. I made almost zilch for quite a while. Just keep writing.
  • Don't write poetry or things on "how to do well on HubPages."
  • Write for people coming in from the search engines, not for other hubbers. Other hubbers are nice, but don't really bring you any money.
  • Don't put your amazon products at the very end of your hub. Nest them near relevant text.
  • Only put relevant products in your hubs. Unless your hub is related to reading or the kindle, don't sell kindles on your hub.
  • Find hubbers that write fabulous hubs. Learn what elements of their hubs you love and what makes them so successful.
  • Make friends with other hubbers, but don't get overly involved in "office" politics. There's drama everywhere and there's no need to let it get in the way of your writing.
  • Pay attention to what you do in everyday life. You'd be surprised the things you're able to do with ease that many people have to look up (on Google... your hub) directions for. Things like "how to scrub a pan clean" and "how to check if your water heater is leaky" are things people do in their daily lives... and have already made some awesome hubs!
  • Keyword research every hub you write. Even if you've already got an idea for a hub, you'll want to find some ways to give it the best chances in Google search.
  • Soak up everything in the learning center.
  • Avoid bad/all SEO advice. Just write your hubs and pay attention to what's in the learning center. There are a TON of "SEO" idiots that appear very authoritative. No SEO is better than huge SEO mistakes.
  • Do the WTI. It's the best way to write an article without having to do the keyword research... all the research is done for you, all you have to do is use one of the handy titles given by Simone!


Wow, those are some milestones! I need to follow in your footsteps, I was excited at 60,000 total views with hubs over 1000, lol. Help me please! I do write a lot for hubbers, that's true, I love your tips! Thank you for writing this and for sharing. I was afraid to try the Apprenticeship Program. Hope you have great luck with it!