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Wednesday, April 25, 2012


So my Stanford course (CS) just started. Things are due the day of (most) finals at PNC. I also still have four articles due by the 30th. I've mainly got outlines for those done. No math ones assigned for the remainder of the month which is good. Got some oddball ones... a linguistics one, gardening, the Titanic, and a travel one. Next month is probably going to be all employment topics. :)

Just started a new volunteer job which, perhaps, will make summer somewhat interesting, two summer courses... one doesn't start until July. I might add another course, depending on what my advisor says. Basic Drawing. And... I've gotta' work, too, of course.

Coffee will power me through it. In fact, I'm actually already dead. All physical movements are chemical reactions due to exorbitant amounts of caffeine. Ooh! Like a zombie. Except not a brain eating zombie. More like a zombie who is getting an education... so sort of the opposite.