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Monday, August 15, 2011

Ruby SERP Checker Repo

Recently, Google made a large number of changes to their SERPs, so I have decided to abandon my SERP checker project (RankyPanky) that I was writing in Ruby. As Google has been rolling out update after update (We're on Panda 2.6 now, right?,) it's getting increasingly difficult to parse Google SERPs.

Constructocat by jsncostello
I removed the Repo from Github. However, if you want to see the code and fix it, mangle it, etc... you can! I left the code in a Gist for ya'. Head on over to the RankyPanky SERP checker Gist and have at it!

The code is half complete, and, I apologize, a mess. I was trying to implement a number of features shortly before I stopped writing. To make things simpler in creating a Gist, I removed the RSpec tests. If you need/want the spec, just send me a line and I'll hand it over.

While this project is at an end, I did make use of what I learned of nokogiri in my latest project, which I will share soon!