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Friday, August 19, 2011

Perl (Learning a New Language)

Welp, I'm taking a Perl course. So no Ruby for a while -- okay, so that's a lie. I <3 Ruby so I'll definitely be programming in it for fun. I'm learning a new language, I'll be strapped for time  to play around in Ruby, but I'll make it happen

I learned that Perl can be considered to be a procedural language, function, and object-oriented programming language. However, the class focuses on procedural programming with Perl. This will be a lot of fun! I'm definitely excited.

I've already written that basic "Hello World" program and have done a bit of coursework although I'm jumping ahead of myself since nothing will really start until next week. I also learned about pragmas which sent me on one of those Wikipedia black holes of information searchin'. I did enjoy reading about directives and their usages in various programming languages including Ada, Haskell, and C. Good times, good times.

Wish me the best of luck! Any cool programs that I write in Perl will definitely be posted here, so keep an eye out! 


It is interesting that Perl is taught in some school. Good luck and keep posting!

A couple of pointers if I may:

If you have any question I'd recommend you to join the Perl Monks.

I'd also recommend to submit your RSS feed to the Ironman which is a blog aggregator for Perl.