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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Get the Daily Rubyist

When playing around with the twitter aggregator,, I came up with an idea to collect tweets about the ruby programming language. With, you can enter hash tags and twitter searches to put together a nice source of information for an online paper. The Daily Rubyist, which is the paper I created, uses the following hash tags:
#ruby (filtering out mentions of jewelery)
#rails (as long as it mentions the word ruby)
#git (as long as it mentions the words ruby or rails)

Given the current articles popping up on 'The Daily Rubyist', can anyone think of any hash tags or twitter search terms that would be a great source of information? Maybe you know of some popular libraries that get tweeted about -- or whatever you can really think of! Specific Twitter users can be added to the feed, so if you know of someone that posts some great Ruby-related tweets.

I want to add that I do not profit, monetarily, from the paper. It's really just a great way for me to really see what's new in the Ruby community. If anything, it helps those who write the articles that show up. This is because backlinks that appear on a paper are do-follow. :P

So yeah, if you're interested, go ahead and subscribe to the paper and let me know some ways I can tweak it to perfection.