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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Getting in the Groove (Embedded Variables)

Yeah, I'm still on the whole embedded variables thing, but this is SOOOOOO much easier. Today I worked on getting used to doing things this way. It'll take a bit of time to memorize, but in the meantime I created a mad lib to kind of get used to it. Enjoy!

#  Is it customary to start variable counts at one? (ie. noun1) or
#  at zero (ie. noun and the second being noun1) or how else is this
#  handled?

print( 'Enter an adjective: ' )
adjective1 = gets.chomp()
print( 'Enter a verb ending in "ed": ')
verbEd = gets.chomp()
print( 'Enter a plural noun: ')
pluralNoun1 = gets.chomp()
print( 'Enter a liquid: ')
liquid = gets.chomp()
print( 'Enter another plural noun: ')
pluralNoun2 = gets.chomp()
print( 'Enter a famous person: ')
famousPerson = gets.chomp()
print( 'Enter a place: ')
place = gets.chomp()
print( 'Enter an occupation: ')
occupation = gets.chomp()
print( 'Enter a noun: ')
noun1 = gets.chomp()
print( 'Enter a nationality (ie. American or Irish): ')
nationality = gets.chomp()
print( 'Enter a female celebrity: ')
femaleCelebrity = gets.chomp()
print( 'Enter another noun: ')
noun2 = gets.chomp()
print( 'Enter the name of a female friend: ')
femaleFriend = gets.chomp()
print( 'You\'re almost done. Enter another plural noun: ')
pluralNoun3 = gets.chomp()
print( 'Enter a number: ')
number = gets.chomp()
print( 'Enter an adjective: ')
adjective2 = gets.chomp()

puts ( 'Personal Ad:')
puts ( "I enjoy long, #{adjective1} walks on the beach, getting #{verbEd} in 
the rain and serendipitous encounters with #{pluralNoun1}.
I really like piƱa coladas mixed with #{liquid}, and romantic, candle-lit
#{pluralNoun2}. I am well-read from Dr. Seuss to #{famousPerson}. I travel
frequently, especially to #{place}, when I am not busy with work. (I am a
#{occupation}.) I am looking for #{noun1} and beauty in the form of a 
#{nationality} goddess. She should have the physique of #{femaleCelebrity}
and the #{noun2} of #{femaleFriend}. I would prefer if she knew how to
cook, clean, and wash my #{pluralNoun3}. I know I’m not very attractive in
my picture, but it was taken #{number} days ago, and I have since become 
more #{adjective2}. ")