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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

One Third

I was making a pitcher of lemonade and it called for 4 and 1/3rd cans of water. And I thought to myself, "1/3rd.... what a crappy number."

It just runs on forever, never ever quite being, in my eyes, an adequate number. And I thought, at that, that it wouldn't be possible to put .3333333333333333333333333333333...etc cans of water in because I'd have to continue on into the millionths... tril

lionths forever... or at least until I get to the smallest unit of water, a molecule.

This brings me to another question, how can you walk to the store then? If, in order to get to the store, you must make it to the halfway point. And to get to the halfway point, you have to get to the halfway point of the halfway point. And before that the halfway point of the halfway point halfway halfway HalFway halfway's halfway HALFWAY... You'd be continuously having to make it to some halfway point FOREVER.

But apparently this works because you can walk or drive or whatever to the store.