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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Machine Up & Running + Received Ruby Books

My computer is up and running. I had a number of problems with it including the big one with the whole virus thing. I kept trying to format it, but the format failed each time. On a hunch, I opened it up and saw that both hard drives were set to master (they were put in by someone else shortly after my last format). Instead of setting one to slave, I just pulled it out and then I was able to format.

I've got everything up and running now and the machine runs beautifully. I still need to install software and pull files from my latest backup (which was a while back) but everything seems to be in order.

I guess it's a lesson... or rather two lessons:
Don't let other people mess with my computer
Back everything up regularly. (err more regularly.)

Big news, I also got all the Ruby books I'd ordered. I'm totally stoked about that... more on that topic down the road.