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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Holy Crap, I Learned Recursion!

After an extensive (about a week) amount of time I decided to go forth into the unknown and learn: recursion. It was VERY confusing to me at first. VERY! But... I finally got it.

I may need to review what I have learned, but I think I have it down. It was a scary adventure and I may eventually write about recursion down the road as I get comfortable using it so that those who do not understand it can possibly learn it from me. Recursion seriously had to be pounded into my head several times before I got it. At one point I was pretty sure I would never figure it out and wanted to give up learning to program.

I have to remember that no matter how hard a problem is... I will likely always make it to the other side. So, we'll see what other things programming throws at me. Hopefully nothing too scary, but we'll see.

I am very excited to create some programs and already have some programs in mind that I could write given a little more persistence and knowledge. I can't wait until I actually have a cool web app up and running that I can show the world!