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Friday, October 30, 2009

Is Your Blog In a Bad Neighborhood?

In sort of an homage to the Turnip of Power's post titled, "Remove Dead Links From Your Site," I've decided to run a little clean-up of my own. In my cleanup efforts, I found a site that gave me a list of links I had posted on my blog that may have hurt my site stats.

The Bad Neighborhood Text Link Checker Tool checks all outgoing links on a site to find ones that may be hurting a site's reputation. For example, if I were to link to a spammy website, it would make me look bad to not only Google, but to a handful of other websites and most importantly, to my readers. According to this tool, most of the sites I've linked to are reputable, but there were a few, in particular, that were less than reputable. One of these sites I owed a thanks to so I kept the link to it, but made it a no-follow link. On another one of my blogs, which was a do-follow blog, contained many "bad" links. I've thus made the blog no-follow and I should soon see a positive change in site stats because of this.

So, this brings me to a question for my readers. If you've run your site url through this tool, did you have to make any changes to outgoing links on your blog?