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Thursday, December 29, 2011

DDoS Attack on Ruby Hash algo in v 1.8.7-p352 and older

Denial of service attack on the hash algorithm in Ruby. Scary stuff!
I've never used 1.8 as I started learning Ruby with 1.9.1 (and later)

The folks over at Ruby recommend to do either of the following,

A: Scramble the string hash function
B: Upgrade to Ruby ruby 1.8.7-p357 or higher (1.9 is awesome, though, imo.)

Do you use any of the affected versions of Ruby?

JewelryBox, The Official RVM GUI

I came across the RVM GUI today (it's called JewelryBox.) I'm trying this out after having some difficulty installing RVM on my Mac. I got JewelryBox to install, but it's taking forever to get Ruby 1.9.3 downloaded, so I'm still in that phase (the 'net is slow tonight.)

Does anyone have any experience using JewelryBox? If so, do you like it? Why or why not?

Edit: I ended up giving up on JewelryBox as it was never able to download Ruby. If anyone is able to get this working, let me know what you did. This seems like an awesome project, but unfortunately, it didn't work out for me.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Ugh, New IP Address

I was just looking over my traffic stats for the past few days and I noticed that my IP address had changed. That's a bit of a pain because I exclude my own IP (and thus my own traffic views) across my own websites and blogs.

Since I manage ~10 sites in Google Analytics and ~5 in StatCounter (CodeGurl stats are managed by both GA and SC), it'll take a good deal of configuration. Luckily, with StatCounter, I can update the IP to block across all sites in my account. Google Analytics is more work because not only to I have to update each domain, but the way they have the IP blocking set up (each segment of the IP in its own box), it's just... meh.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Interview is Out!

My interview on HubPages came out!

I totally cheated an took a peek at the newsletter before receiving it in my inbox by checking on HubPages' newsletter page. (Kind of like how my mom opened her Christmas gifts on December 1st.)

Anyway, you can check out my interview here.